When you see it in person, the Mirror Purple color will take your breath away

Put big screens in a pocket-friendly phone.

Foldable phones are mostly fantastic. it's a great phone, it's too big for most people. Like a lot of flagships, the Galaxy Fold pushes the boundaries of what is pocket-friendly, and it's a problem affecting more people with every launch.

Many of people lament the days of old where phones were smaller and fit in your pocket. When you see it in person, the Mirror Purple color will take your breath away

The Galaxy Z Flip is a stunning device; there's no other way to put it.

The phone itself features sleek lines and near-perfect symmetry. There's also a single front facing camera atop the screen which is in the middle of the phone, and is perfect for Google Duo video calls (more on that later). Around the whole screen, there is a raised bezel that prevents the screen from hitting itself when you fold over, as well as preventing dust and dirt from getting beneath the screen.

t's also the first Samsung smartphone I can remember that you could describe as truly breathtaking. Most phones utilize the candybar form factor and stick to mostly neutral colors, but the Galaxy Z Flip looks iridescent and commands attention. It's the nicest-looking smartphone I've used in a long time.

The switch to "glass," or a glass-like substance, also shows that foldable smartphones are progressing at a faster rate than anyone really expected. Launched within the last six months, both the Motorola RAZR and Galaxy Fold feature plastic screens, which are noticeable as being less durable to the smartphone screens we're used to. In comparison, the Galaxy Z Flip feels like a regular smartphone that folds, rather than one that uses an inferior display.

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